Perfect Historical City Sozopol Bulgaria

Perfect Historical City Sozopol Bulgaria  is probably the earliest areas about Bulgarian Thrace’s Black Marine shore. The primary settlement  goes for the Bronze Era. Undersea explorations approximately the particular interface show artefacts connected with houses, ceramic pottery, rock in addi...

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Perfect Historical City Sozopol Bulgaria  is probably the earliest areas about Bulgarian Thrace’s Black Marine shore. The primary settlement  goes for the Bronze Era. Undersea explorations approximately the particular interface show artefacts connected with houses, ceramic pottery, rock in addition to bone fragments instruments via that will era. Quite a few anchors on the minute in addition to first centuries B . C . happen to be found inside town’s bay, the proof of active shipment since old periods.

The actual village has been started inside in 7th place millennium B . C . by Ancient greek language colonists via Miletus while Antheia. The particular name has been shortly altered for you to Apollonia, due to the temple committed to Apollo inside village, containing the well-known heavy sculpture on the the almighty Apollo by Calamis, 40 cubits high, transferred later on for you to Italian capital by Lucullus in addition to put into the particular Capitol.

The particular dollars, which start off inside next millennium B . C ., have the particular name Apollonia along with the graphic connected with Apollo; the particular imperial dollars, which carry on and the 1st 1 / 2 of the next millennium ADVERTISEMENT, along with the Tabula Peutinger in addition support the name Apollonia; though the “Periplus Ponti Euxini”, eighty five, along with the Notitiæ episcopatuum get merely the revolutionary name Sozopolis. Within 1328 Cantacuzene (ed. Bonn, We, 326) talks of computer as a large in addition to population village. The particular islet where this were standing has become of the particular where you live now by way of a small tongue connected with territory. Their inhabitants, previously largely Greeks, lived by angling in addition to farming.

This town established itself as a industry in addition to naval middle inside subsequent hundreds of years. That retained strong politics in addition to industry interaction with the metropolitan areas connected with Historic Portugal – Miletus, Athens, Corinth, Heraclea Pontica along with the destinations Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos, and so on. Their industry impact inside Thracian territories has been dependant on the treaty with the rulers on the Odrysian empire courting on the sixth millennium B . C ..

The particular mark on the village – the particular anchorman, provide about many dollars minted by Apollonia because the 6th millennium B . C ., is actually proof of benefit connected with the historic industry. The particular rich village shortly became a significant ethnical middle. On these times it absolutely was called Apollonia Magna.

Dominated in turn because of the Byzantine, Bulgarian in addition to Ottoman Empires, Sozopol has been allocated for the newly independent Bulgaria inside nineteenth millennium. On the episode on the Ancient greek language War connected with Self-sufficiency (1821) notable community people had been imprisoned in addition to carried out because of the Ottoman professionals caused by participation inside preparations on the battle. [3]

The majority of the Ancient greek language populace has been sold together with Bulgarians via Far eastern Thrace inside consequences on the Balkan Wars. Within 2011 the particular remainings associated with an ancient greek settlement, section of Apollonia, had been excavated inside small area connected with E. Kirik (Saint Cerycus) down Sozopolis. [4]

Considering that 1984 Sozopol owners the particular Apollonia art work fun each and every September, including treatment room shows, shows, movies, music in addition to dance tasks, e-book delivering presentations as well as other ethnical functions. [3]

Ecclesiastical history[edit]

Classic solid wood structures dominates the particular Outdated Town
Sozopol has been Christianized earlier. Bishops usually are documented while resident at this time there via a minimum of 431. A minimum of seven bishops usually are recognized (Le Quien, Oriens christianus, We, 1181): Athanasius (431), Peter (680), Euthymius (787) in addition to Ignatius (869); Theodosius (1357), Joannicius, which became Patriarch connected with Constantinople (1524), Philotheus (1564) in addition to Joasaph (1721).

Coming from currently being suffragan for the archbishopric connected with Hadrianopolis throughout Haemimonto, this became inside fourteenth millennium the city with out suffragan considers; this most likely for the short term faded with the Turkish conquest, although reappeared later on; throughout 1808 the particular Ancient greek language Orthodox Community center united this for the observe connected with Agathopolis. The particular titular stayed at Agathopolis, throughout Ottoman times called Akhtébolou.

Eubel (Hierarchia catholica medii ævi, We, 194) mentions several Latina bishops on the fourteenth millennium.
Fishermen’s boats throughout Sozopol
The particular bishopric is actually contained in the Catholic Church’s list of titular considers while Sozopolis throughout Haemimonto so when the suffragan connected with Hadrianopolis throughout Haemimonto.

Artwork excelled inside Alfredia era. The particular old symbols in addition to superb woodcarving inside iconostases are a remarkable accomplishment on the design of these periods. The particular structures on the homes inside previous village on the Renaissance interval causes it to be an exclusive spot for a pay a visit to these days.

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